Imagine an Airline Reservations & Management Reporting System designed by an airline

Reservations, Flight Management, PAP (Passenger Affinity Program), Departure Control and Revenue Accounting 

- All in one package 

- All in "Real Time" 

 With ever- increasing competition, business has been forced to become more efficient

To see the demo program:

Use admin/ admin to log in as administrator

Use 007/ 0007 to log in as a travel agent

 Use 001/0001 to log in as a employee

To book a ticket: 4111111111111111 as credit card

1208 as the card security number

Enter your email, the program will send you a confirmation.

You can enter aircraft , employees, book a ticket and receive on your (actual email) a confirmations, fill out trip termination reports, gate agent reports, etc.

The actual program will be in your colors and logo

 An Airline Management System designed for maximum ease of use.

·         High Level of Security and Confidentiality.

·         Cost effective – low set up and operating costs.

·         Extensive reservation and reporting capabilities.

·         Easily customized to meet your specific needs.

·         Extensive On-line Management Information.

·         Integrated Departure Control, Electronic Ticketing and Baggage Tracking.

·         User-Definable Text Blocks

Designed to take advantage of the Internet and it’s many advantages

·         No special hardware required (Pentium PC or higher, with 56K Modem is recommended).

·         Immediate and easy access to the public increases direct sales potential.

·         Low Cost - Minimal Set-up Fees and Deposits

 How Does Resolutions  compare with other Hosted Systems?



Other hosted Systems

Implementation Time

One Month

Six Months plus


One Day

Three Weeks

Contract Term

Two Years

Five Years

Minimum Monthly Guarantee

$1500 rental

According to Contract

Communications Charges:

ISP Charges

SITA Charges

Installation Costs

$25,000 FIXED Start-up Costs over 3 months

$85,000 - $150,000+ per site

Monthly Minimum Cost


As per contract


Travel Agents Bookings

Free (if via Internet)


Direct Bookings by Public

No Additional Cost

Not Available

Hardware Requirements

Standard PC and Modem

Standard PC plus emulation hardware (approx. $1,000 per site).

Reservations Charges


Between $.10 and $.50 per passenger booked.

Access Time to System

Dial-up – 3-10 seconds ISDN - Immediate


"Real Time" Ticket Stock Control and Reporting


Not Available

"Real Time" Flown and Future Revenue Reporting


Not Available

 Management / Accounting Reports Available on Resolutions

Reservations Control:

Passenger List / Pre-flight Check-in
           Passenger List /  Not Ticketed
           Passenger – Special Requests
          Future Booking Report
           List of Confirmed Bookings per flight
           List of Bookings on Option
           List of Bookings Requiring Action
           Waitlist / Status Report 

Departure Control / Airport Reports:

            Passenger Manifest / Boarding List

            Baggage / Cargo Manifest

            Go Show List (Boarded passengers)

             No Show List

             Flown Revenue Report

              Issue Boarding Passes (Function)

             Weight and Balance (Report customized to airline's spec's)

             Luggage Tracking (Baggage Tag Search Function)

Booking and Flown Statistics:

             Booking Statistics (Past / Present/ Future)

            Open Bookings (Confirmed not Boarded)
             Percentage of bookings to no shows / go shows by route, etc.

              Load Factors

              Revenue Seat Miles

Agents Reports:

             Daily Sales Report

            Weekly Sales Reports - Open Ticket Summary

            Seats Booked and Seats Canceled by each agent

             "E-Ticket" Stock Control -- Outstanding / Open Ticket Reports.

              Debtors reports

              Agent performance by route

Accounting / Reconciliation Reports:

              Daily Sales Report

              Daily Agent Sales Report

              Daily Flown Revenue Report

              Open Ticket Summary

Maintenance Reports and Statistics

              Tailored to your Companies Requirements

 Routes and tariffs

 Agent commissions

 Aircraft TT & TC

 Crew generated Trip Termination Report

 Employee , personnel records,

 Virtual Budget & Check book, Fiscal control program



RESOLUTIONS is a reservations and management program designed for small to mid-size airlines and corporate flight departments. We can deliver the program in Russian or any other language. The cost of the program is $25,000 paid over a period of time while we customize the program for each client. The first payment is $5000.00 to be followed by a second payment of $10,000 and a final payment of $5000. when the program is ready for use. After these payments, the carrier pays only $1500.0 a month as a rental fee for as long as they are using the program. We will put the software on their web site in their colors and logo or on a separate site with a link to their existing site. The cost of maintaining the separate site is for the carriers accounts.

Most importantly, the commission to you is $5000.00 for each client you may locate. The competition is far more expensive, like $180,000. for Saber or Amadeus, System one, etc., plus as much as $7.00 per reservation.  

RESOLUTIONS is far more than only a reservations program. It has a number of reports and back office functions that save considerable administrative time and help to manage the company more efficiently, providing real time data. One function is a budget and virtual check book that creates positive fiscal controls allowing the company to limit its cash outflows to pre-determined budgetary figures payable only to those vendors that are entered into the program by the management team. The budget and virtual check book can be sold separately by the way, and can be used by any company no matter the size of the business they may be in.  

Let me explain the reason for this: Several years ago I was hired to design a payable program for a small aircraft; leasing company in California that was owned by a company in Japan. Over time, the owners saw that their payables had increased by quite a large amount above that they had budgeted. They hired an outside auditor and he was able to find that approximately $500,000 had been paid out to a number of vendors who it turned out had never actually sent anything to the company. In other words, there were no goods or services received to explain these invoices. 

Eventually, they researched the banks where the payments had been cashed as well as the address where the payments had been sent and learned that all the addresses of the offices for these vendors were service companies who supplied mail addresses to the public and that the banks who cashed the checks had no knowledge of the companies and no history earlier than a year.   

Eventually, they learned that the company attorney was behind the “fake” companies, he had created the “phony vendors. They didn’t prosecute him and soon after hired us to design a control program that would prevent this kind of theft. This was the beginning of the Virtual budget and check book program.  From that point on the bookkeeper in California had to obtain a PIN or signature from the Japanese owner to write any check that was made out for more than the Max figure “allowed ”  in the approved budget and only pre-approved and proven vendors were allowed to be loaded into the budget.    

How the virtual budget and check book program works 

The check book budget program presents a list of all company payables. This sample list refers to an airline however, the list can be modified ( edited) to reflect the requirements of any kind of company. Each of the line items is linked to a vendors page  that, when open for editing, has the name of the vendor, address, contact  and banking info and contains a list of all past payables searchable by date. Once the vendor data is entered and approved by the management team, the page information can not be altered by any single person entering a PIN. The vendor page features the projected , ( estimated) monthly payment that the management team feels to be a limiting figure. So, if the phone bill for example is normally or projected to be not more than $800 per month, this figure is entered while the program is open for editing.  

There is a cell where the managers can enter a reasonable acceptable overage as a percentage, so, if 10% were entered here, the phone bill could reach $880.00 and be payable by a bookkeeper using only a single PIN. 

The bookkeeper has a choice of writing and printing a check or sending the payment by bank wire.  If a bank check is chosen, the program screen containing the company check book check appears and the information for that particular vendor including the payment is filed out automatically including the line item for that payable. The bookkeeper enters a PIN in the signature area and the check prints.

 If the amount of the payment is greater than allowed for, the check will print but it requires two PINS one of which has to be a senior manager. The particular line item for that month then turns red, reminding the chief financial officer to inquire into the payment as it was over the budgeted allowable amount.



A computer management program can be written in such a way that all company checks have to be written in the program and must have an appropriate approved budget line item to be printed. The line item can control the amount of the check. If for example, payroll is for a amount between two pre-determined values, no check above these values can be printed with this line item.

Blocks can be set  to prevent any check written above the budgets limits throughout the program. Only PIN’s given to certain management personnel will allow checks to be written without line items ( extraordinary expenses) and likewise PIN’s ( ONE OR TWO) have to be entered to write any check over the line item amount for any budgeted expense. 

The management program can reside in a mainframe or through PC’s net-worked to a server and accessed though a MODEM. Thus the accounting office could be in Florida and the bank accounts in CA with the management personnel working anywhere in the world. 


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